Review - Space Unicorn Blues, by T.J. Berry

Where do unicorns come from? Outer space, of course. Duh. They fly around in giant asteroid spaceships full of trees and crewed by bearded dwarfs. Oh, and the FTL drives of spaceships are powered by unicorn horn. 

Apparently T.J. Berry’s husband suggested she start writing more ‘realistic’ fiction to make her writing more marketable, and in a fit of pique she went off and wrote the most unrealistic novel possible. The end result is a delightful space opera, as Gary the human-unicorn hybrid is forced to team up with a bunch of disreputable humans in order to get his spaceship back and escape the army of The Reason who want to break him up for spare parts.

The only niggle I have with the story is that the ending obviously is setting things up for a sequel—I do like to have the sequel handy when I come to the end of a book.

I’d recommend you cut yourself a big slice of singularity pie and sit back and enjoy the ride. ****

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