Fall into Fantasy 2018 now on sale

Fall into Fantasy 2018 now on Amazon

Cloaked Press presents their 2018 fantasy anthology with thirteen new stories to delight your imagination. Buy it here.

My short story 'Fluffy' offers a glimpse of the life of a young werewolf who doesn't want to run with the pack - in fact, Peter would rather chase a frisbee instead.

Mikey Walters should have known better than to tease a werewolf, but knowing better never stopped a thirteen year old boy from doing anything. With his friends egging him on, he planted himself a strategic six feet away from Peter, and, trying to make his voice sound deeper, said “Hey Truman! What’s it like being able to lick your own balls?”

Peter leaned back on the fence outside the school and frowned slightly, pretending to give the matter serious consideration. Finally, he delivered his verdict in a single word: “Salty”.