writing · 22. July 2019
My two latest published stories, The Ghost in the Coffee Machine, and Little Monster are now live on the Thrilling Words website: http://www.thrillingwords.com/2019/07/23/the-ghost-in-the-coffee-machine/
writing · 22. June 2019
This was a writing exercise we did in class recently - we had to write a letter of apology after having done something terrible.
conventions · 08. June 2019
There comes a time when even the most introverted writer must emerge into the light of day to commune with their fellows.
general · 08. June 2019
I've been MIA for a while, I know. I'm doing a degree in Creative Writing in my spare time in order to improve my writing, but the unintended side-effect of that is that whenever I have essay deadlines I find myself unable to work on my personal writing. Also winter is actually following the calendar this year - temperatures have taken a nosedive, and I'm well into hibernation mode. No snow yet - that photo there is from 2011, but it wouldn't surprise me if we get some this year. Anyway, I'm...
books · 30. March 2019
A brief post about what I'm reading, watching, etc. so I can keep track of what I'm up to and recommend any good stuff to you all.
writing · 30. March 2019
Ever since I had my library/study renovated, I've thought it needed a chair just for reading. Yesterday I finally found one in green to match the walls.
Christchurch terror attacks · 22. March 2019
A week after the Christchurch terror attacks, people gather at floral memorial wall outside the Botanic Gardens.
weekly roundup · 14. March 2019
Weekly roundup - 14th March.
gardening · 27. February 2019
Autumn Crocus has arrived to say: "Bye bye Summer! Take your carcinogenic death rays somewhere else!"
weekly roundup · 17. February 2019
Weekly roundup - 18th February I thought I'd start doing brief posts about what I'm reading, watching, etc. so I can keep track, and to recommend the good stuff to you all. Reading: Non-fiction: A Good Month for Murder, by Del Quentin Wilber. True crime account of a month in the lives of a team of Maryland homicide detectives. Excellent, if somewhat grisly. Fiction: Our House, by Louise Candlish. Imagine you came home to your house after a couple of days away, and found a couple of strangers...

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