books · 30. March 2019
A brief post about what I'm reading, watching, etc. so I can keep track of what I'm up to and recommend any good stuff to you all.
writing · 30. March 2019
Ever since I had my library/study renovated, I've thought it needed a chair just for reading. Yesterday I finally found one in green to match the walls.
Christchurch terror attacks · 22. March 2019
A week after the Christchurch terror attacks, people gather at floral memorial wall outside the Botanic Gardens.
weekly roundup · 14. March 2019
Weekly roundup - 14th March.
gardening · 27. February 2019
Autumn Crocus has arrived to say: "Bye bye Summer! Take your carcinogenic death rays somewhere else!"
weekly roundup · 17. February 2019
Weekly roundup - 18th February I thought I'd start doing brief posts about what I'm reading, watching, etc. so I can keep track, and to recommend the good stuff to you all. Reading: Non-fiction: A Good Month for Murder, by Del Quentin Wilber. True crime account of a month in the lives of a team of Maryland homicide detectives. Excellent, if somewhat grisly. Fiction: Our House, by Louise Candlish. Imagine you came home to your house after a couple of days away, and found a couple of strangers...
travel · 12. February 2019
Travelling on the Coastal Pacific train from Christchurch to Picton for my summer holiday.
weird stuff · 07. February 2019
There's a Tinder-style dating app for smart-fridge owners now. You share photos of the contents of your fridge to decide if you're compatible. I suppose the advantage of this is you'll screen out all the people who can't afford to blow 4000 dollars on a fridge that can connect to the internet, if that is the sort of criteria that matter to you. Someone should make a dating app for book lovers, where you post pictures of your bookshelves, or your TBR pile(s).
general · 05. February 2019
Nothing stirs a warm glow of patriotism for me like seeing our beautiful national flag swaying in the breeze.
writing · 01. February 2019
Storymart, a subscription service for short stories that lets the reader decide what sort of tales they want to read, will be launching later this year. Writers get paid each time someone reads their story. My first ghost story, My Left Leg, will be published there. The site's founder, Kirsten Alexander, is still looking for submissions. The Winding Narrative has an interesting interview with her.

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