writing · 03. May 2023
At the end of 2022 I quit a job of more than twenty years with nothing lined up.
writing · 25. July 2022
Down a mysterious hallway...
Particular Passages 3 is ready for preorders. My short story, For the Love of Gavin, about a man who has some difficulties with his neighbor's religion is in this collection, along with an eclectic mix of stories.
publishing · 14. April 2022
A rundown of recent new entries to the speculative fiction market.
writing · 12. April 2022
Literary pretensions
I can finally make my professors proud of me, as I have a story in a real live literary magazine. Takahe 104 is out today, including my story Burning Bright, featuring a tiger :-)
writing · 18. January 2022
My first story of the year is up at Daily Science Fiction. Commuting envisages a future London where the problems caused by climate change are solved...for a price.
writing · 21. December 2021
Saving the best for last
I thought I was done for the year, but I've had a couple of stories come out this week. The first is one of my favorites. Breath is about a girl who makes clockwork automatons, activated with a dying breath, and her sword-slinging girlfriend. And my climate change story about an old woman and her goat, Grass Still Grows has been collected in Little Blue Marble's anthology, Tipping Points available now as an e-book.
writing · 31. October 2021
Wayward Limbs
Stan had never given much thought to what shape his afterlife might take. Now that he was stuck haunting the rhubarb patch at the bottom of the garden, he wished he'd been more careful... My first ghost story, 'My Left Leg' and first UK publication comes out today in Monnath Books' Beyond the Grave anthology
writing · 01. September 2021
A dribble, a drabble...
If full length horror is too much for you, perhaps you should try micro fiction. The 666 Anthology serves up hundreds of delicious bleeding morsels of horror. You won't be able to stop at just one.... Oh, and I wrote a couple of them.
writing · 16. July 2021
Groovy Goats
My cli-fi story, Grass Still Grows, set in a future Christchurch, has been reprinted by Little Blue Marble.
writing · 07. July 2021
I've never really been sure if I believed in ghosts, but something happened a few days after my mother died that made me wonder. I wrote a short story about it: https://www.mumlifestories.com/happy-birthday-a-short-story/

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