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reviews · 16. February 2021
Best Books of 2021 - January
Now that I've started keeping track of what I'm reading each month, I'm surprised how quickly I forget books. Here's the best of my reading pile in January: The Secret Life of Mister Roos by Håkan Nesser Valdemar Roos wins a lottery, and this jolts him out of his quiet boring life. He buys a cottage in the woods and quits his job without telling his wife and daughters, and spends his days walking in the forest or napping in the sunshine. Until a girl on the run shows up, and his life becomes...
books · 05. January 2021
So one of my New Year's resolutions was to review the best books I read last year. Here they are: The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Killing Vampires – Grady Hendrix My book club chose this as our horror pick for 2020 and it did not disappoint. Vampires have gotten a little too sweet and approachable of late. Hendrix puts the vampire firmly back in the horror category as the sweet-talking stranger who preys on the children of a town while the menfolk welcome him, oblivious to the danger....
books · 30. March 2019
A brief post about what I'm reading, watching, etc. so I can keep track of what I'm up to and recommend any good stuff to you all.
writing · 30. March 2019
Ever since I had my library/study renovated, I've thought it needed a chair just for reading. Yesterday I finally found one in green to match the walls.
17. February 2019
Weekly roundup - 18th February I thought I'd start doing brief posts about what I'm reading, watching, etc. so I can keep track, and to recommend the good stuff to you all. Reading: Non-fiction: A Good Month for Murder, by Del Quentin Wilber. True crime account of a month in the lives of a team of Maryland homicide detectives. Excellent, if somewhat grisly. Fiction: Our House, by Louise Candlish. Imagine you came home to your house after a couple of days away, and found a couple of strangers...
books · 30. January 2019
The warming effect of good writing...