writing · 24. August 2020
I have a story coming out in the latest Cloaked Press anthology, Fall into Fantasy 2020. It's my fourth published story from my Mythological Index series. In First Encounter, CJ finds out fairytale creatures don't always behave the way the legends tell you.
writing · 03. May 2020
I was delighted to find Issue 8 of New Orbit Magazine in the mailbox today. It contains my short story 'Rare Breed'.
writing · 02. January 2020
My latest story, Dear Santa, can be read at Antipodean SF now. A dyslexic child accidentally summons the devil: https://antisf.com.au/the-stories/dear-santa
writing · 22. July 2019
My two latest published stories, The Ghost in the Coffee Machine, and Little Monster are now live on the Thrilling Words website: http://www.thrillingwords.com/2019/07/23/the-ghost-in-the-coffee-machine/
writing · 22. June 2019
This was a writing exercise we did in class recently - we had to write a letter of apology after having done something terrible.
writing · 30. March 2019
Ever since I had my library/study renovated, I've thought it needed a chair just for reading. Yesterday I finally found one in green to match the walls.
writing · 01. February 2019
Storymart, a subscription service for short stories that lets the reader decide what sort of tales they want to read, will be launching later this year. Writers get paid each time someone reads their story. My first ghost story, My Left Leg, will be published there. The site's founder, Kirsten Alexander, is still looking for submissions. The Winding Narrative has an interesting interview with her.
writing · 31. January 2019
Here's a list of possible markets for your speculative fiction short stories:
writing · 09. January 2019
A tool to boost your writing productivity.
writing · 01. January 2019
2019 writing resolutions.

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