Short Fiction

Here are the stories I have had published so far.

Short stories and essays

Hitler and the Rabbit

New Orbit Magazine (closed mid-2020), Issue 3, June 2018.

A time-travelling rabbit meets Hitler, with disastrous consequences.



Fall into Fantasy Anthology 2018, December 2018.

Not all werewolves run with the pack.


Grass Still Grows

Winner of Climate Change Theatre Action contest, 2017.

Also published in New Orbit Magazine (closed mid-2020), Issue 5, February 2019.

Soon to be reprinted in Little Blue Marble.

The oceans are rising and hope is slipping away.


The Ghost in the Coffee Machine

Thrilling Words (closed early 2020),  July 2019. 

Archived link.

When you're dying for a cup of coffee...


Little Monster

Thrilling Words (closed early 2020), July 2019. 

Never ever flush a ghost down the toilet.


Dear Santa

Antipodean SF, January 2020.

A dyslexic girl accidentally summons Satan.



Hawthorne & Ash Micro-story Anthology, Iron Faerie Publishing, December 2019.

You never know what you might meet in the desert.


Rare Breed

New Orbit Magazine (closed mid-2020), Issue 8, February 2020.

A woolly tale of high-flying sheep.


First Encounter

Fall into Fantasy Anthology 2020, October 2020.

Unicorns aren't as sweet as the stories say.


Cat Videos

The Cosmic Gossip, October 2020.

An alien encounter of a different kind.


Night Fishing

The Book of Idle Tales, October 2020.

SJV long list finalist, 2021

Go fishing on certain nights and you may find there's more than fish to be caught.


Mirror, Mirror

The Drabble, February 2021

This is the real reason you can't lose weight.


The Walls Have Tongues

Antipodean SF, May 2021.

When you visit the House of Flesh, don't touch the walls.



Prismatica Magazine, June 2021.

The adventures of a maker of clockwork automatons and her sword-slinging girlfriend.


Upcoming publications


Happy Birthday

An essay at Mum's Life, coming 2021


The Dream Auditor

Daily Flights of Fantasy Anthology, mid-2021


The Offering

666 Dark Drabbles Anthology, August 2021.

An old god rises again.