Below is a list of over ninety possible markets for short speculative fiction, science fiction and fantasy. Click each link for the submissions guidelines. Obviously the usual rules apply: read the guidelines, buy at least one copy of the publication and read it to get a feel for the type of stories they like, and of course, only submit your BEST work!

Abyss & Apex




Altered Reality


Andromeda Spaceways

Antipodean SF

Aoife's Kiss

Apparition Literary Magazine

Ares Magazine

Asimov's Science Fiction




Bards and Sages Quarterly see also Society of Misfit Fiction

Beneath Ceaseless Skies

Big Echo: Critical SF

Breach Zine


Café Irreal

Chrome Baby


Compelling Science Fiction

Crimson Streets


Daily Science Fiction

Deep Magic





Escape Pod


Eyedolon Magazine


Factor Four

Fairy Tale Review

Fantasia Divinity Magazine


Future Science Fiction Digest


Galaxy's Edge




Hard Universe



International Speculative Fiction 




Kyanite Press



Leading Edge

Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet

Liminal Stories

Luna Station Quarterly


Mad Scientist Journal


Mirror Dance


Neon Magazine


New Orbit

New Myths

Not One of Us


On the Premises

On Spec




Pulp Literature


Shoreline of Infinity

Silent Motorist Media

Space and Time

Speculative City


Strange Constellations

Strange Horizons




The Arcanist

The Colored Lens

The Dark

The Fabulist

The Fantasist

The Gathering Storm

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

The Overcast

The World of Myth

Translunar Travelers Lounge

Three-Lobed Burning Eye

Thrilling Words




Unfit Magazine

Unreal Magazine


Visions Magazine 

Vulture Bones


Weird City

Weird Fiction Review

Weird Tales

Write Ahead/The Future Looms

Wyrd and Wise

Speculative fiction, next reading period August 2019.

Environmental and post-apocalyptic stories.

Based in Ireland.

Literary speculative fiction.

Speculative fiction.

Mostly SF.

Based in Australia. SF, fantasy, horror.

Flash fiction. Non-paying.

SF and fantasy, quarterly.

Speculative fiction.

SF, fantasy, pulp.

Mostly SF.

Short spec fiction.

SF, non-fiction. Priority to Australian & NZ writers.


Speculative fiction quarterly. Society of Misfit Fiction takes longer stories, up to 20,000 words.

Literary adventure fantasy set in a different world.

SF, themed.

SF, horror, dark fantasy. Aust & NZ writers.


Fantastic irreal fiction.

Short SF. Pays in Bitcoin.

SF and fantasy.

SF with clearly explained technology.

Australian SF, mostly non-fiction articles.

Everything pulp, except SF.


SF under 1500 words.

Clean fantasy and SF.

Weird fiction.

Spec fiction, no horror.


SF and fantasy quarterly.

SF podcast.

Spec fiction by marginalised writers.

Weird fiction.


Flash spec fiction.

Annual for stories with a fairy tale feel.

Any genre.

Reprint e-zine.

For non-EOFL writers.


Bi-monthly online SF.

Literary speculative fiction and neo-noir.

Fantasy and SF. One long story per month.


Hard SF. Pays contributors in crypto-currency.

Exceptional SF and fantasy. Pays professional rates.


SF and fantasy.

British based. SF. Full color magazine.


Speculative fiction.

Speculative fiction.


Speculative fiction. Themed issues.

Clean SF and fantasy. Will critique your submission.

Speculative fiction. Submit by mail.

Strange and unsettling tales.

Emerging women writers.


Mad science.

SF and fantasy.

Poetry and fantasy.


Literary speculative fiction, loosely themed.

SF and fantasy.

SF and non-fiction. Some themed issues.

SF and fantasy, also does anthologies.

Stories with out of place characters.


Contests only.

Canadian SF.


Mythic short fiction.

Hard SF.

Everything pulpy.


Based in Scotland. SF.

Weird fiction. Anthologies.

SF, fantasy, horror.

Speculative cityscape fiction. Themed.

SF from NZ, Australia, Pacific. No payment.

SF and fantasy. Creative Commons licence.

Speculative fiction.

Dark fiction.


Near-future fiction.

Flash fiction.

Speculative fiction.

Dark fantasy, horror.

Multiple genres.

Fantasy novellas.

Speculative fiction, themed.

More SF than fantasy.

Speculative fiction podcast, 3000 words.

SF, fantasy, horror. Non-paying.

Bi-annual speculative fiction.

Bi-annual speculative fiction. Launching Aug 2019.

Two related stories, total 2000 words.

Themed issues. Also check out Parsec Ink's contests.


SF and fantasy.

Misfits and technology.

Unusual creatures and odd experiences.


Themed SF.

Spec fic from trans and enby writers.



Weird fiction.

Dark and perverse.


Only for witches.