Market Update - April 2022

It’s high time I updated my list of specfic markets. First of all, we have some players leaving the market. Fireside Fiction is closing down. I’ll miss their combination of fantastic artwork, poetry and stories. I would note that Fireside is a shining example of the proper way to end a publication—they’ve notified readers and contributors and will complete publication of all accepted stories.

Now, what’s new? Galaxy’s Edge is back after a hiatus. For lovers of audio stories we have the StarShipSofa podcast, looking for science fiction, and the Tiny Tales podcast, seeking fantastical flash.

Newcomers include Space Fantasy Magazine, for space-themed flash fiction.

Wyngraf has published their first issue, for lovers of cozy fantasy (which seems to be one of those hard to define things). Also in that genre, Tales & Feathers is launching later this year. They’re seeking slice of life short fantasy stories. And Haven Spec is seeking fiction from under-represented groups.

Finally, Dutch speakers are in for a treat with the launch of Speculatief Magazine and South East Asian writers have found a home with Tasavvur. 

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