Weekly roundup - 18th Feb 2019

Weekly roundup - 18th February
I thought I'd start doing brief posts about what I'm reading, watching, etc. so I can keep track, and to recommend the good stuff to you all.
A Good Month for Murder, by Del Quentin Wilber. True crime account of a month in the lives of a team of Maryland homicide detectives. Excellent, if somewhat grisly.
Our House, by Louise Candlish. Imagine you came home to your house after a couple of days away, and found a couple of strangers moving their furniture into your house. A mystery full of twists. Thoroughly recommended.
Podcast: Death in Ice Valley, BBC. An investigation into the death of a mystery woman in a lonely valley in Norway, in 1970. Intriguing.
TV: Russian Doll, on Netflix. A blackly comic New York style Groundhog Day. Had to binge-watch it.
Film: The Green Book. Funny, and sweet, and sad.

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