Below is a list of over one hundred active publishers (mostly paying) of short speculative fiction, science fiction and fantasy. Click each link for the submission guidelines. Obviously the usual rules apply: read the guidelines, buy at least one copy of the publication and read it to get a feel for the type of stories they like, and of course, only submit your BEST work!

Abyss & Apex

  - Speculative fiction.


 - Environmental and post-apocalyptic stories.


 - Based in Ireland.


 - Literary speculative fiction.

All Worlds Wayfarer Literary Magazine

 - Speculative fiction with vivid characters.


- Biannual.

Altered Reality

 - Speculative fiction.


 - Mostly SF.

Andromeda Spaceways

 - Based in Australia. SF, fantasy, horror.

Antipodean SF

 - Flash fiction. Non-paying.

Aoife's Kiss

 - SF and fantasy, quarterly.

Apparition Literary Magazine

 - Speculative fiction.

Ares Magazine

 - SF, fantasy, pulp.

Asimov's Science Fiction

 - Mostly SF.


 - Short spec fiction.


- Canadian literary spec-fic.


 - SF, non-fiction. Priority to Australian & NZ writers.


Bards and Sages Quarterly see also Society of Misfit Stories

 - Speculative fiction quarterly. Society of Misfit Stories takes longer stories, up to 20,000 words.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies

 - Literary adventure fantasy set in a different world

Big Echo: Critical SF

 - SF, themed.

Breach Zine

 - SF, horror, dark fantasy. Aust & NZ writers.


Café Irreal

 - Fantastic irreal fiction.

Chrome Baby

 - Short SF. Pays in Bitcoin.


  - SF and fantasy.

Collective Realms

- Weekly spec fic.

Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores

- Spec fic.


 - Australian SF, mostly non-fiction articles.
Crimson Streets

 - Everything pulp, except SF.

Curiosities see also The Gallery of Curiosities

 - Steampunk, retropunk, print & online.


Daily Science Fiction

 - SF under 1500 words.

Deep Magic

 - Clean fantasy and SF.

Diabolical Plots

 -  SF, fantasy and horror.


 - Weird fiction.


 - Spec fiction, no horror.


Electric Spec

 - SF, fantasy and macabre.

Enchanted Conversation

- Fairy tales and myths.


 - SF and fantasy quarterly.

Escape Pod

 - SF podcast.


 - Spec fiction by marginalised writers.

Eyedolon Magazine

 - Weird fiction.



Fairy Tale Review

 - Annual for stories with a fairy tale feel.

Fantasia Divinity Magazine

 - Any genre.

Fireside Quarterly

 - English or Spanish.


 - Reprint e-zine.

Fudoki Magazine

 - Myths, legends, fables.

Future Science Fiction Digest

 - For non-EOFL writers.





 - Fantasy and SF. One long story per month.


Hard Universe

 - Hard SF. Pays contributors in crypto-currency.


 - Exceptional SF and fantasy. Pays professional rates.


International Speculative Fiction

 - Speculative fiction.


 - Speculative fiction, illustrated.



 - Closed for submissions until 2021.



 - Speculative fiction. Themed issues.

Leading Edge

 - Clean SF and fantasy. Offers critiques.

Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet

 - Speculative fiction. Submit by mail.

Liminal Stories

 - Strange and unsettling tales.

Luna Station Quarterly

 - Emerging women writers.




 - SF and fantasy.

Mirror Dance

 - Poetry and fantasy.


Neon Magazine

 - Literary speculative fiction, loosely themed.


 - SF and fantasy.


New Myths

 - SF and fantasy, also does anthologies.

Not One of Us

 - Stories with out of place characters.


Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly

 - Fantastic fiction, sword and sorcery.

On the Premises

 - Contests only.

On Spec

 - Canadian SF.

Oxygen Leaks

- Hard SF.



 - Mythic short fiction.


 - Hard SF.


 - Fantasy. Reprints welcome.

Pulp Literature

 - Everything pulpy.


Red Planet Magazine

 - Speculative fiction

Remain Magazine

 - Apocalyptic & dystopian.


Shoreline of Infinity

 - Based in Scotland. SF.

Silent Motorist Media

 - Weird fiction. Anthologies.

Silver Blade

 - SF, slipstream, fantasy.

Space and Time

 - SF, fantasy, horror.

Speculative City

 - Speculative cityscape fiction. Themed.


 - SF from NZ, Australia, Pacific. No payment.

Strange Constellations

 - SF and fantasy. Creative Commons licence.

Strange Horizons

 - Speculative fiction.


 - Dark fiction.



 - Near-future fiction.

The Arcanist

 -  Flash fiction.

The Centropic Oracle

 - Speculative fiction audio.

The Colored Lens

 - Speculative fiction.

The Dark

 -  Dark fantasy, horror.

The Fabulist

 - Multiple genres.

The Fantasist

 - Fantasy novellas.

The Gallery of Curiosities see also Curiosities

 - Steampunk, retropunk, podcast version.

The Gathering Storm

 - Speculative fiction, themed.

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

 - More SF than fantasy.

The Overcast

 - Speculative fiction podcast, 3000 words.

The World of Myth

 - SF, fantasy, horror. Non-paying.

Translunar Travelers Lounge

 - Bi-annual speculative fiction.

Three Crows

 - Dark & weird, Slavic speculative fiction.

Three-Lobed Burning Eye

 - Bi-annual speculative fiction. Launching Aug 2019.



 - Themed issues. Also check out Parsec Ink's contests.



 - SF and fantasy.



Visions Magazine

 - Themed SF.

Vulture Bones

 - Spec fic from trans and enby writers.


Weird City

 - Themed.

Weird Fiction Review

 - Weird fiction.

Weird Tales

 - Dark and perverse.

Write Ahead/The Future Looms

 - Cyberpunk.

Wyrd and Wise

 - Only for witches.