Weekly roundup - 31st March

Weekly roundup - 31th March

A brief post about what I'm reading, watching, etc. so I can keep track of what I'm up to and recommend any good stuff to you all.

Black Tudors, by Miranda Kaufmann. There were a great many more African people living in Tudor England than you might expect. Kaufmann looks at the lives of a selection of Tudors, including court trumpeters, salvage divers, master craftsmen and servants.

Fiction: An Easy Death, by Charlaine Harris. I think this is going to be one of her best series yet. The story follows the adventures of a young gunslinger who escorts travellers through an alternate history post-apocalyptic American West with a touch of magic. The background history is a bit vague but the characters are spot-on.

TV:  I'm only watching The Orville and The Rookie at the moment. I loved the Orville episode where Gordon fell in love with a woman from the past based on the contents of her phone.

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